2019 Girl Scouts of Southwest Indiana’s Advancing Women Company of the Year Award

Harding, Shymanski & Company, P.S.C has been honored with the 2019 Girl Scouts of Southwest Indiana’s (GSSI) Advancing Women Image of work associates receiving award.Company of the Year award for its dedication to advancing women in their industry and by encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

The proceeds from this event support the Girl Scout leadership program, ensuring that ALL girls in our local communities have the support, experiences, and opportunities they need to realize their potential.

The Advancing Women Company of the Year award winner criteria lie at the core purpose of the Firm, which is “to help our clients, our people and the firm be more successful.” This annual event honors outstanding female leaders and businesses for their accomplishments, community stewardship, and commitment to making a positive difference. In effort to support female employee’s work-life balance, a flexible work schedule exemplifies the dedication of the Firm to empower healthy leadership within the home and workplace. Shannon Brewer, a Vice President and CPA for over 20 years, shared, “my experience here at Harding Shymanski is maybe a bit unique in that I am a vice president who also works an alternative schedule. What that means is that I work normal accountant hours during busy season, and the rest of the year I work three days a week in the office. Of course there are times when I am working on my ‘off days,’ but the flexibility allows me to be with my family.”

Leading by example is a sure way to properly equip and empower aspiring female leaders and professionals to confidently achieve their goals. Women of both today and tomorrow can be encouraged by the Firm’s CEO, Trudy Stock, who said “be bold and know you have control over your destiny. Find good mentors that will help you along the way. Remember it isn’t just about keeping your head down and working hard – make sure you are regularly communicating your desire to continue to grow and advance your career.”

Visit https://youtu.be/7XpXs3sY3e4 for one on one interviews and more about the award!

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