Upon entering our General Services department, you will have the opportunity to work on audit and tax engagements in various industries, enabling you to gain valuable experience to help you determine where you want to take your accounting career.

HSC management team members from various departments with Louisville skyline in the background.

During the first year, new staff receive extensive training on our technology and processes, as well as technical training on the firm’s Core Competencies. We also encourage participation in our Industry Teams so that you can develop a greater understanding of the issues impacting our clients’ businesses.

Additionally, training is made available to employees throughout their entire career. From formal Continuing Professional Education (CPE) to in-house training classes, this opportunity for continuous learning strengthens our employees’ technical skills and enables them to advance their career to the next level. In 2018, the firm launched HSC University to provide an engaging and innovative program for our employees on the front lines of client service.

Most importantly, we value creativity and innovation. All members of the firm are encouraged to share their experiences and use of talents, regardless of their years of experience.

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Mentoring Program

Jessica Hanger, CFSA, MBA and Kyle Wininger, CPA, CICA, CVA, CFE

We take pride in Who We Are and the Core Values we have established, and we recognize that our people are our most important asset. Through our mentoring program, we seek to assist new employees in understanding the firm’s culture and values. As a new staff accountant, you will be aligned with a dedicated mentor to foster your career track who will also provide guidance, leadership, support, coaching and more.

For more information about a career at Harding, Shymanski & Company, P.S.C., contact: Rodney Meyer, CPA at 800.880.7800 or

Harding, Shymanski & Company, P.S.C. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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I think of an internship as an opportunity to put the textbook to work, and through my internship with HSC that was exactly the case. The opportunity to put education to work was fantastic, and the employees genuinely cared about my learning. The skills I gained were invaluable and are skills that I will be able to continually enhance until the day that I retire.

Taylor Scarlett

Bellarmine University