HSC University Offers Innovative Learning Opportunity

HSC University (HSCU) is a 5-year professional skills coaching program designed for team members who are on the front lines of client service. As a firm, we believe that this program offers true learning to help each individual grow over time as a client service provider, and it aligns with our core purpose. As we improve our leadership and communication skills, we are better prepared to help our clients be more successful.  Participating in professional development training helps our people be more successful. When our clients and our people are successful, the firm becomes more successful.

We have partnered with Cork Communications to develop and implement this program which is offered in a live setting. The participants progress through the 5-year cohort program with peers who have similar professional experience levels. Classes are held in person so that team members have the opportunity to build relationships with their peers regardless of office, and to collaborate in real time on issues related to the firm, the projects they are working on, and how to best serve our clients – reinforcing our culture of One Firm, One Team.

The program consists of 15 core modules, created and delivered by Cork Communications, with content designed to challenge the participants in each level. Each module consists of best in class knowledge and small group practice that allows for practical application in an environment that is highly engaging.  Examples of the modules include the following: Relationship Building and Networking Skills; Emotional Intelligence and Resilience, and Project Management, Team Dynamics, and Fearless Public Speaking.

Here’s what the first-year participants had to say about their experience with HSCU:

  • “I learned how to pinpoint communication preferences and how to best meet their needs – in turn growing my relationships externally and internally.”
  • “The group activities were beneficial because it showed us how diverse the class/firm is.”
  • “I learned the importance of meaningful relationships in the workplace and tactics to better interact with co-workers.”
  • “The training yesterday focused on relationship building with coworkers which I found very beneficial since I have only been with Harding for 2 months and am still in the process of developing relationships within the firm.”
  • “Techniques on how to effectively handle really difficult/stressful situations…”
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