CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Regulatory Alert: HHS CARES Act Grant Funding Attestation Portal Now Open

The Portal for attestation of receipt and acceptance of the Provider Relief funds authorized under the CARES act is now open. Providers that received a payment from HHS as part of the Provider Relief Fund authorized under the CARES Act must sign an attestation confirming receipt of the funds and agreeing to the terms and conditions within 30 days of receiving payment.

HHS has set up the web page portal which can be found by clicking this link.

To complete the attestation, providers and medical practices must provide their Taxpayer Identification Number (Either EIN or SSN) that is attached to the enrolled providers for whom the attestation is being sought. The provider will be asked to verify the amount received as part of this process prior to signing the attestation.

Should you choose to reject the funds, you must also complete the attestation to indicate this choice. The Portal will guide you through the attestation process to accept or reject the funds.

It is advised that providers fully understand the terms and conditions of the funding before signing the attestation.

Since the release of the first phase of money from the Provider Relief Fund last Friday (4/10) many providers have been raising questions about these funds. CMS staff have informed us that they are creating a FAQ page for the Provider Relief fund which they will be posting soon. The FAQs should  respond to the questions that have been raised such as:

  • What should a provider do if he/she feels the amount of money they’ve received is incorrect – too high or too low?
  • What should a provide do if he/she did not receive a payment but believes they are entitled to a payment? CMS said they intend to have more information about the Provide Relief Program posted this week on the Provider Relief web page.
CMS has also established the Provider Relief Payment Hotline for providers with questions to call. The hotline number is (866) 569-3522

More to come as information becomes available.

Please contact Brenda Wallace, CPA, CMPE at for more information.

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