Several States to See Increasing Unemployment Taxes

Federal unemployment taxes could be on the rise for employers in several states. The 5.4% regular credit against FUTA tax is reduced for firms in states that don’t repay loans from the federal jobless fund by November 10. Employers in Indiana and South Carolina face a 1.8% cut in their FUTA credit, which means up to $126 in extra tax per employee. Firms in Kentucky, Ohio, California, Connecticut, New York, and North Carolina are in line for a 1.5% credit reduction, or up to $105 more in tax per employee.

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Benchmarking: What’s the Score?

How would it be to coach a team and know your team’s score but not your opponent’s?  Most companies prepare their financials on a regular basis so they know their own score, but how do they compare to others in their industry?  Benchmarking is an important tool to help you see how you stack up against your competition.  Just like a coach will review their stats and see where they have strengths and weaknesses, a business owner should regularly do the same. Continue reading “Benchmarking: What’s the Score?”

Increasing Profitability Through Efficiency

(Published in Construction Executive, May 2014)
Tight margins and operating profits have made it difficult for most contractors to increase the cash level on their balance sheet and build up the strong working capital and equity position that banks and bonding companies hold in high regard. To win bids in this environment, contractors must look for ways to gain efficiencies on projects as well as in the office.

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An Inside Look at the Construction Project Management Life Cycle

(Published in CFMA Building Profits, March/April 2014)
The basics of project management build on one another throughout a project and make up what is known as the construction project management cycle.

Taken from nearly two decades of working with some of the most profitable and successful contractors and their PMs, this article identifies best practices within each phase of the project management life cycle – initiation (or pre-bid), project planning, controlling the project, executing the project, and closeout.

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Find out how advisory boards can help businesses

(Published in Business First, February 7, 2014)
As a certified public accountant, I find myself in the very rewarding position of being a trusted adviser to many highly successful business owners.

The level of trust in these relationships generally results in having conversations around areas that often transcend traditional accounting, tax, operational and transactional advice.

These situations provide opportunities to introduce clients to experts in other fields who are in my network. Continue reading “Find out how advisory boards can help businesses”

Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution Survey finds companies cautious but ready for growth

McGladrey, one of the nation’s leading assurance, tax and consulting firms, has released the results from its 2010 Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution (MWD) National Survey. More than 1,060 manufacturing and wholesale distribution executives completed the survey, answering questions on topics such as current business conditions, growth strategies, operations, technology costs and risk management. Continue reading “Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution Survey finds companies cautious but ready for growth”

Planning for Success(ion)

Benjamin Franklin said that nothing is certain in this world but death and taxes, and business owners ought to be ready to deal with both if they expect the business to continue as a going concern. Nevertheless, a surprising number of businesses, including CPA firms, do not have a written succession plan in place to provide for continuation of the business in case one of the owners withdraws or dies. Continue reading “Planning for Success(ion)”