Housekeeping for Webinars

Below is a link to help you navigate the webinar screen to make the presentation more enjoyable.
Demio Housekeeping

  • Starting on the left in the orange box, this where our presenters webcams will display when they are on camera– they may remove their cameras from time to time so you will have a better view of the presentation being shared.
  • If you would like to make the webcam bigger, the plus sign in the blue box will do that for you…it will also make them smaller
  • To get more real estate on your screen in order to make what is being shared bigger, you can do 2 things: go to full screen mode by clicking the double arrows in the red box and by collapsing your chat window by clicking the arrow in the yellow box
  • You’ll also notice the green box, Polls and Handouts…this where you will find downloadable handouts. Polls may pop up throughout the webinar please answer those if you feel compelled to do so
  • If you have a comment or question, you may enter them in the area outlined by the purple box. We have all attendees muted for better sound quality. Please note, you can ask questions throughout the webinar and we will try to address them during our Q/A session at the end. This is a private chat that only our admins will be able to see
  • Last, there is a black bar below the presenters camera, you can move that to make the camera’s larger and small as you see fit.



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