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Updated March 24, 2020 

The IRS issued Notice 2020-18 on March 20th, extending the due date and payment date for all federal income taxes and income tax returns to July 15th.  The notice specifies that this includes self-employment taxes, but does not apply to excise taxes, estate tax, etc. Notice 2020-18.

Various states are adopting this extension of time to file and pay, but with varying details.  The AICPA is continuously updating a chart showing each state’s conformity to the federal law along with extensions of other state and local taxes. Click here to read the chart.

Please contact Kathy Ettensohn at or Mike Vogel at if you have questions about how these evolving provisions apply to you.

Original March 20, 2020

At least for your federal balance due. The Treasury department announced today that the filing deadline for federal taxes has been moved to 7/15. Previously, only the due date for payments was moved to 7/15, as opposed to the actual filing of returns. We are waiting for official guidance from Treasury that will provide more details around this new announcement. There are still open questions regarding state filing requirements as well as quarterly estimates that are due June 15th. We will send an update as information becomes available.

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