Online Assistance for Indiana Unemployment Benefits

If your company is planning a mass layoff of approximately 50 or more, it would assist the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) if you could provide employee specific information.  This will assist DWD in processing unemployment insurance (UI) claims more quickly for your impacted staff.

The information requested is:

  • Full Name of Employee (last, first, middle – in alphabetical order),
  • Employee Social Security Number (last 4 only),
  • Last Day Worked,
  • Amount of deductible income paid to claimant upon layoff (vacation, sick, PTO, etc).

A spreadsheet is located below to assist but DWD will take the information in another format if easier.  Also note that you will receive many notices from DWD about those employee separations; please respond to those notices that you deem necessary. A DWD claims investigator will contact you directly if they have any questions.

Please return the completed DWD spreadsheet to:

For more information please contact Jamie Fairchild at

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