Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc.

Last year, when I set out to improve the strength of our company’s outside accounting services, a friend recommended that I contact Scott Olinger at Harding, Shymanski.

I was somewhat skeptical, as I had never hear of either Scott or the firm.

Nevertheless, we put HSC into the mix of firms we would interview for our business. During my first visit with Scott, I knew he was our guy. He exemplified the standards of integrity, responsiveness, and professionalism that we had established. But he also reflected an expertise and passion for our industry – manufacturing – like no one else we interviewed.

When we decided to move our business to Harding, Shymanski it was a leap of faith for us. We were turning responsibility for a critical service for our company over to someone I had only met a few months before.

And I have to tell you it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my 25 years at Atlas Machine.

Scott is truly one of the hardest-working accountants I’ve ever met. He and his team quickly went to work studying ways to mitigate our tax liability and maximize the efficiency of our internal systems, helping us implement ideas that no outside CPA firm had previously ever mentioned.

And in very real and measurable terms, the value that Scott and his team have brought to our company have far exceeded the cost – literally by multiples. They have truly become business partners with Atlas Machine.

I just wanted you to know that you have a great leader – and a great team – in your Louisville operation. And our company is much better for it.