TrueRehab, LLC

We were a relatively new sister company starting the 401(k) process in-house for our employees after recently moving away from a PEO Management company. While we did have some minimal experience in handling the 401(k) process, this was a transition for the management team. Our financial advisor at the time referred us to a TPA that was absolutely atrocious, and little did we know that the lack of communication and guidance was the least of our worries. After a year of fighting with our first TPA, it was definitely past due on finding a team who cared about the process and company as much as we did for our employees. After narrowing companies down from several referrals, it came to Harding and a company in Louisville. While the price and quality seemed to be very comparable, what we liked about Harding was if we continued to have problems with our account, it would be nothing for us to drive downtown and have a chat with someone. Harding was definitely not as low-priced as the previous company we were using, but the knowledge, guidance, professionalism and involvement they showed was by far anything we had experienced. After speaking with some acquaintances about Harding and their experience with the company, the only complaint that kept surfacing was they were more expensive than a smaller mom and pop accounting firm we had all used before. Harding is definitely a company in which you get what you pay for.

Not only do we have a highly well rounded, educated team backing us, Harding is a team that wants to do right by our company and help dissolve any problems that may become costly in the future. They saved us from a multitude of mistakes from our first TPA that could have become extremely detrimental in the future, and trained our team on what to look for and how to handle situations on our own. They are always available with any odd questions we seem to always come across, and they understand the concept of a deadline which some companies lack. We are also extremely grateful that even though we are a client of Harding, they are always inviting us to CEU online webinars and seminars so we to can be informed and educated.

We are extremely grateful for the guidance this company has shown us, and I am happy to say we have yet to set foot in their office!