Auditing Services

Auditing provides the reasonable assurance that your organization’s financial statements are free from material error. However, we look beyond the numbers to support your organization’s success. Communication – frequent, substantive and responsive – is key to our audit approach. A sound communication process with management ensures prompt and quality service.

A review provides limited assurance on the financial statements, based on inquiry and analytical procedures. Our team builds a relationship with you to understand the goals you have for your organization so that we can be a resource to you in meeting those goals. Our goal is to not just provide a reviewed statement, but through our relationship with you add value.

FI7A7762A compilation is the lowest level of assurance service – there is no assurance. It is compiling numbers provided by management. Our approach is to work with you to identify any needed accounting adjustments. A reliable compiled statement will provide information to management about the profitability and key metrics of your organization. Our goal is to meet with you to present the financials and help you interpret the results.

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