Outsourcing Services

MOR_3491cIf you find yourself spending time in the details of your accounting and not getting the information you need in a timely manner to run your business effectively, you can partner with our dedicated outsourcing team to customize a solution to fit your specific needs. We offer:

  • FOCUS: An Outsourced Accounting Partnership
  • On-site Accounting Assistance
  • Interim Financial Statements
  • Payroll Processing and Payroll Tax Return Preparation
  • Qualified Retirement Plan Administration
  • Cafeteria Plan Administration
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Services

Our goal is to make your job easier. Our professionals have the experience, objectivity, and personal skills to effectively assist your company without disrupting your employees.

For details about our full range of Outsourcing Services please contact Matthew Folz, CPA or Lisa Frank, CPA at 800.880.7800.

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We are so pleased we chose Harding, Shymanski to handle all of our day-to-day accounting. This gives all at United Capital Evansville the time to focus on our core competency of client wealth management services. Harding, Shymanski pays our bills and our payroll, prepares our financial statements and closes our books.

Taylor Payne, Managing Director

United Capital Evansville

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